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Since its inception in 1987 the Pantry Shelf has had one goal; creating the best mixes on the market!  Starting with a few muffin recipes, we have grown to produce a wide array of mixes.  Ranging from “Pantry Shelf” muffins and pancakes to private label and co-packed soups and drink mixes, our products offer that ‘from scratch’ experience in a fraction of the time.


As a ‘family owned’ business based in Kansas, with two generations actively involved in day-to-day operations, integrity and quality are the principles that guide us from beginning to end.  Using only the finest ingredients and adhering to strict food safety guidelines, Pantry Shelf products give you delicious quality that the entire family will enjoy.


Take home our Pantry Shelf products today and give yourself, and your family, the excellence both you and they deserve!

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