Pantry Shelf’s mission is to:


1.  Provide the highest quality products possible at a fair price.


2.   Look at relationships with customers and vendors as partnerships.


3.  Develop innovative new flavors and products.


4.  Create an environment in which the entire team can prosper.


Quality Policy Statement


Pantry Shelf is committed to producing products of the highest quality and adhering to the standards established by the U.S. government for safe and legal products. The company will ensure that it is operating in accordance with these regulations by conducting self audits and third party audits by certifying organizations. We at Pantry Shelf recognize our responsibility to our customers.  Pantry Shelf stays current with relevant legislation, food safety issues, legislative, scientific, technical developments and industry codes of practice. Pantry Shelf is informed through government agencies, professional organizations, websites and educational seminars when applicable. We at Pantry Shelf strive to provide the best quality products on the market in a facility that is committed to high standards and food safety.


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