Pantry Shelf Joins Governor and Jordy Nelson for Land of Kansas Launch in Topeka.


Mixes, Inc. (Pantry Shelf) of Hutchinson KS, was invited to the launch of the new From the Land of Kansas program by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. The event introduced Green Bay Packers wide receiver and Kansas native Jordy Nelson as the official spokesman for Kansas agricultural products. The program was also made the "state's official agricultural program." The state's website describes the program as "...our state’s agricultural trademark program, facilitated by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, that helps to brand, support and celebrate Kansas agricultural products and services from the farm all the way to the fork".


Hutchinson business Mixes, Inc. (Pantry Shelf) was invited to partake in the event.  As one of the first 3 top tier charter members in the newly re-launched From the Land of Kansas program owners Barbara Wilkinson and Nat Wilkinson are excited about the future of the program. "The Kansas Department of Agriculture has been very helpful in promoting our brand (Pantry Shelf) both domestically and internationally" said vice president Nat Wilkinson.  He went on to add that the program also helps businesses within the state network and has resulted in several collaborations.  "We are now having our pizza sauce made in the state and are selling syrups, which are made in Kansas City, KS with our pancake mixes in combo packs".


The launch was held at three locations during the day, Kansas City, Wichita, and Topeka.  The Topeka event included the signing of a proclamation by Governor Samuel Brownback making From the Land of Kansas the official agricultural trademark program for the state.




















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